Why Dabomb


What are you waiting for? DA BOMB is always fully armed!!!


Da bomb has been on the market for more than 19 years. We specialize in the heavy-duty MTB disciplines such as Downhill, Freeride, Dirt Jump, Slopestyle, Enduro and All-Mountain. Since we started, our goal was to make up-to-date, top quality frames and components that are matching the latest technological developments of the industry and the featuring the latest mountain biking trends.

Da Bomb components are designed by people that are passionate riders. We listen and we feel the needs and the demands of riders worldwide: this makes Da Bomb strive to produce better products. 


Da Bomb sponsors many mountain bike events and competitions throughout the world. We collect valuable experience and information through our interaction with racers and riders and we use this continuous feedback to improve our products. 


Now, get ready to have your heart blown away for 2018 with the introduction of the new DA BOMB collection.